Matt’s Graduation Speech

Matt’s High School Graduation Speech


The Craftsman receives a block of wood
Yearning to be carved and shaped.
Some will work down to the finest detail,
Other will do only the basic construction.
The end result is
A Boomerang.

The Craftsman stands in awe of his creation.
He would like to keep it at home under his supervision
Where no harm will come to it. However,
In his Heart, the Craftsman knows
The Boomerang can only reach its full potential
When thrown into the World.

So he spends time learning the techniques of throwing,
Praying his untested creation will perform according to plan.
The Craftsman must decide how the Boomerang will enter the World,
With a firm throw
Or a gentle release.

When the Creator has learned all he can, he stands on a platform,
Ready to see his work in action.
As he is about to throw, doubts race through his head.
The Craftsman wishes he could have just one more hour
To perfect his creation. However, he knows
It is Now or Never.

The moment comes when the Boomerang is released
Into the hands of Fate.
The Creator hopes for a perfect flight,
But it is inevitable there will be Rough Winds and Obstacles
Trying to knock the Boomerang astray.

It is difficult for the Craftsman to watch his Life’s work abused
By the cruel forces of Nature.
He has an urge to run after the Boomerang
And guide it through harsh times,
But his work will never prosper unless it makes the flight on its own.

Many Boomerangs will make a successful flight the first time.
A few will be so magnificent they inspire others around them.
Several poorly made Boomerangs will beat all odds
And come back unharmed.
Certain works will not follow the Craftsman’s intended path,
But still make a safe return.

Some of the best built Boomerangs
Will succumb to things beyond the Creator’s control.
Others will be rebellious
And fall to the ground time and time again.
On the ground,
His work will decay and be useless.

Failure is not an option.

Every piece of wood has the potential to fly
If crafted properly.
Each individual work must travel at its own pace,
Some will take longer than others.
But each will find
Its Destination.

Keep the Faith,
Sweat and Toil will be compensated,
Patience will be rewarded.
The Craftsman will discover the most magnificent feeling is
Holding the Boomerang in his Hands
After its Return.

Matt Miller
Westside High School Commencement Ceremony
Anderson, SC
May 1996