An Addendum to What We Did Last Weekend

I wanted to add a couple of other things to Leigh Ann’s post about what we did this past weekend.

  • We got lost trying to find the Cracker Barrel in Urbana for lunch on Sunday and drove around for a half hour searching. We did finally find it. For two people that have lived in the South, finding a Cracker Barrel should be like a bee finding nectar. Guess we’ve been in Illinois too long :).
  • With some of our friends, we decided that noodling is on the verge of becoming the next popular extreme sport. Hoping to get in early in the cash flow that will surely follow, we all came up with some marketing ideas, including:
    • Televised Celebrity Noodling: And, there goes Ben Affleck diving down…looks like he got one. Matt Damon needs to wade over there and help him pull that catfish up!
    • The Noodling Video Game: Maybe if we’re lucky, we can get “Catfish” Rider to do an endorsement. We also figured that it needs a device like the power glove to give tactile feedback when you go down to grab the fish. The glove needs to be modified to give you that biting sensation when you get a hit.

By the way, in case you didn’t know to whom Leigh Ann was referring to in her previous post, we give couples one word names for efficiency. Thus, Will and Valerie becomes Willerie and Allison and Andrew becomes Allidrew (or Allirew, according to Leigh Ann).