Complaints with College Football Coverage

  1. Whatever happened to playing all the games on Saturday? This weekend, we have games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That’s five days in a row. I’ve accepted the Thursday night game as a kind of prelude to the coming Saturday, but let’s hope they get rid of this Friday, Sunday, Monday junk once the NFL starts back. I just want to be able to catch all the action one day per week.
  2. Why does ABC have to be so freakin’ strict about not switching regional coverage when one game is a blow-out? I mean we had to watch Notre Dame with its three touchdown lead slowly run down the clock against Pittsburgh (boooooring!) while Clemson and Texas A&M were playing in a game that went down to the wire. They showed us the game winning field goal, but that was it. No final drive, no kick-off return following the field goal, no post-game celebration. Loosen up a little!
  3. What in the heck was ABC doing interrupting the games to give us Chief Justice Rehnquist’s entire life story? I mean it’s fine to do like a 30-second interruption to let viewers know that he just passed away and say a few words about the man, but do you really have to immediately follow-up with a 5 minute video clip of his career? Can’t that wait until tomorrow when all the networks will be showing such clips? Obviously not. While Clemson was making their drive in the final minute, down by two, viewers were treated to highlights of Rehnquist’s Senate hearings.

3 Replies to “Complaints with College Football Coverage”

  1. Congrats to the Tigers on a hard fought game! Why didn’t we go for two? Why, dear God why!?!?!

    Good luck to Clemson for the rest of the season!

  2. I guess they were worried about getting beat by a safety 🙂 I’m just happy they looked a little more like a college football team than they did last year against the Aggies. I’m sure the Aggies will have another good season.

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