And You Thought Illini Football Was Bad

After losing to the Buckeyes “only” by a score of 40-2. How about Hanna High School’s basketball team in Oklahoma, who was beat 112-2 on Friday? I don’t understand how a team can be that bad and still decide to field a team.

On another college football note, when I predicted UCLA’s undefeated bubble would soon burst, I had no idea that it would happen by going down 52-14 to a two-win Arizona team! I didn’t know that they were that overrated.

6 Replies to “And You Thought Illini Football Was Bad”

  1. I liked this DI column where is brutally honest about how much the Illini football experience stinks in comparison to Ohio State’s. Honestly, coming from Clemson back in the day when Kurt Kittner still roamed Green Street, I had no idea any Big Ten school could have such an amazingly terrible gameday experience.

    Zook better make a clean sweep of Chicago recruits this year because his coaching definitely isn’t leading any team to the promised land or even the Motor City Bowl for that matter.

    I mean, we’re entering Temple University territory when the community starts viewing a 40-2 loss to a ranked team as a good thing.

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