My Little Comedians

This morning I had just taken off Kaelyn’s night time pull-up as I was getting her dressed. Then the following conversation happened:

Kaelyn: “I’m going to put on this pull-up and throw these dirty panties away.”
Kaelyn: “But not really.” (giggles)
Evie: giant roar of laughter
Kaelyn (in sarcastic tone): “Was it really that funny Evie?”

A few minutes later Kaelyn gets a taste of her own medicine:

Evie picks up little piece of trash
Kaelyn: “Eww, that’s dirt Evie, we don’t play with that.”
Evie: “Why?”
Kaelyn: “Because we don’t like dirt.”
Evie: “Why?”
Kaelyn: “Because dirt is yucky.”
Evie: “Why?”
Kaelyn: “Evie put it in your pocket.”
Evie tries desperately for next 3 minutes to put the trash in her tiny little jeans pocket.

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