Research and Explore

This morning I was reading a baby book to Evie. The book had a simple drawing of a butterfly. Somehow Kaelyn and I got on the subject of butterfly legs. I claimed that butterflies do in fact have legs. Kaelyn claimed they did not. I’m not sure if she was trying to prove me wrong (she gets that from me) or if she was truly trying to research the subject more (she gets that from Matt), but she ran to her room and grabbed this book for further information. (You know Dr. Seuss is the leading authority on butterfly research.)

After flipping through the pages (along the way describing to me in detail the life cycle of a butterfly and also naming several butterfly species) she came to the conclusion that butterflies do have legs based on the pictures in the book.

This story does not have a dramatic ending or anything, but I was just proud of my girl for doing her research and investigating her thoughts! I wish time could stand still, but I’m also excited to see how she uses that brain of hers as she grows up into the incredible woman I know she will become.

Later in the day, I see that our little Evie just might become an explorer. During a diaper change, I found all of these items in the feet of her pajamas: toy CDs, chalk, smushed edamame, and toy tweezers.

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  1. I can just picture the two of them 25 years from now exploring some far-flung jungle together, leading experts in their fields, cracking the heads of would-be Indiana Joneses.

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