Halloween Montage

The girls had several opportunities to dress-up this year for Halloween festivities. For each event they picked an outfit out of their dress-up box so we had many different costumes this year. Why pick just one when you can be something different every day?

The first day was a festival at Matt’s work. I forgot to get a good picture of the whole costume, but I did get these pictures of their face paintings. This day Kaelyn was Rapunzel and Evie was Abby Cadabby.

The next day Kaelyn got to dress up for school and she was Abby Cadabby. Evie dressed up as a super cute 2-year-old this day. 🙂

The next day we had a playdate with some neighborhood friends and both girls dressed up like puppy dogs. Their names were “Rock-o” and “Peekos.” (Can you tell who is who??)

And finally, on actual Halloween night, we had a Princess Tiana and a repeat appearance from Peekos the puppy dog. (You should have seen that little puppy tail wagging up to all the houses collecting candy!!)