Just Like Me

Kaelyn is in the process of making her own Valentine’s for her classmates. We are starting early so she can work on them a little at a time. They aren’t very complicated, but it just takes a while for those sweet little hands to cut things out.

A few days ago we printed off all the templates. Then we made a to-do list of the other supplies we needed to buy. We also made a list of things she had to do to complete them such as “Write Kaelyn’s name on Valetines.”

So today she was working on cutting them out and the conversation went like this…

Kaelyn: “Check cutting them out off of the to-do list.”
Me: “We didn’t put cutting them out on the to-do list.”
Kaelyn: “Well, write it on there and then check it off.”

Yep, she’s just like me. That’s exactly what I would have done.

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